MAYA for Earthquake Relief

At this time of national crisis, Maya Universe Academy would like to provide full scholarships to live and study in our schools to a selected number of students whose education has been jeopardized by the mega earthquake of April, 2015.

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New boys hostel

24 children from Gorkha District were selected by the district committee to start the new academic year (17th April 2016) at Maya Universe Academy in Tanahun. We are seeking sponsors to help cover the expenses of food, accommodation, clothing, stationary, and other expenses related to their education, security and well-being. The new hostel is equipped with suitable bedding and toilets. It is located in a peaceful recreational garden with various plants, herbs and flowers and close by to the main dining hall and kitchen.

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Arrival of Gorkha students with guardians

The criteria for the scholarship application are as follows: 1) Lost one or both parents in the earth quake 2) Lost his or her house and school 3) Have not been helped by the government, national or international organizations.
Please share this information with others and contact us if you know someone who meets the criteria at or call Govardhan Rana +977 9841415720

Interested sponsors are requested to contact us on

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Sponsorship Covering Letter
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Sponsor Application Form

Donate via Bank Transfer

Account Name: Maya Universe Academy
Account No: 53-01-524–280264-01-2
Name of Bank: Machhapuchchhre Bank Limited

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Kindly send an email along with your transaction to or get in touch with us here if you need assistance.

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