Maya’s Country Chicken

Maya’s Country Chicken is a new brand and social business of Maya Universe Academy.

The latest venture by Maya Universe Academy is the rearing and sale of free-range broiler chicken to restaurants and supermarkets in Kathmandu and Pokhara.

-What is Free-Range Chicken?

Commercial broiler chickens are confined to small enclosures for most of their life. Their diet consists of commercial manufactured feed and heavily dosed with vaccines, anti-biotics and other medicines for their lifetime, 45 days.

Free-range chicken, by contrast, are allowed to roam outdoors, feeding on organic grains, ensuring their mental and physical well-being. Maya Universe Poultry Farm adheres to international guidelines of free-range chicken farming regarding the required indoor and outdoor space per bird.

-Who benefits from this?

The end product is a healthier, tastier chicken which will support the education of over 500 students in rural villages of Nepal.

This income generating project is community-driven, involving the students’ parents in the raising of chickens, providing them with an additional income on top of the education that their children receive.

Restaurant owners meet the demand of conscious clientele for ethically farmed food.

Maya’s Country Chicken will be available in restaurants in Kathmandu and Pokhara soon. Watch this space!

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