Maya’s Country Chicken

A Micro Enterprise providing rural community employment opportunities and access to quality education.

Maya’s Country Chicken aims to increase access to quality education in rural parts of Nepal through micro enterprise empowering the small rural communities at large.

1. Failed Education System: Education in rural Nepal is over-looked and often led by unskilled teachers with no resources or motivation to develop children into critical thinkers, change-makers. “In 2015, 67% of students from the public school system failed their School Leaving Certificate (SLC) examinations.
2. Migration into cities / overseas countries, especially men, is occurring at alarming rate, resulting in less skilled labour in the village communities. As many tourist arrivals, Nepal’s international airport sees departures of Nepali migrant workers.
As reported in Al Jazeera, “About 10 percent of Nepal’s 28 million residents are working abroad, sending home more than $6bn a year, amounting to about 30 percent of the country’s annual revenues. ”
3. Mothers bring up their children single-handed and wait for the remittance from their husband working abroad. Sometimes, this never arrives.
A recent survey states that “According to 2016 data of the Ministry of Labour and Employment, number of women seeking labour permits to work in foreign countries had increased by 106 percent from 2010-11 to 2014-15. The number of men seeking labour permits in those five years had increased by 39 percent.“ Furthermore, “55 percent of women migrated to improve their household economic conditions, 24 percent to ensure a better future for their children and 22 percent to get out of debt.”
4. The chicken market is price sensitive and often dictated by the monopolist wholesalers often resulting in major losses for the farmers whilst the intermediary businesses maintain their profit margins

Maya’s Country Chicken – a micro enterprise. This venture aims to improve Maya Universe Academy’s sustainability, employ local skilled teachers and reach out to more under-privileged children in rural Nepal. Employment opportunities for under-privileged and un-skilled woman will increase.

How? Parents of students enrolled at Maya Universe Academy can choose the two-day labour model and/or apply to be employed by MCC.

Selected families are given a chicken coop, chicks and all supplies. The families raising the chicken are compensated fairly for their work with a monthly income, as well as having their children educated at Maya Universe Academy.

Families with small poultry farms, limited to sell to their low income neighbours, will be supplying chicken to MCC and bought at the fair market rate. This will increase their business potential.

In Nepal, the average consumption of chicken is increasing rapidly. The supply has been riddled with illegal import from India, with low quality, mass produced and often medically induced.

MCC is supplying the Kathmandu market with Fair Trade Chicken and Free-range Chicken enabling both restaurant owners and consumers a choice to support local farmers. Look out for the “free-range” emblem!

Client Benefits:
Corporate Social Responsibility: supporting fair trade product and small local farmers.
Contribute to increased access to quality education in rural Nepal – education for all.
Serve Healthier chicken to your customers
-  free from hormones
-  raised in the hills free from pollution and chemical / pesticide contamination from commercial farms
-  raised in small family home coops with reduced risk of wide-spread disease
Co-branding and shared promotional and press activity

-What is Free-Range Chicken?

Commercial broiler chickens are confined to small enclosures for most of their life. Their diet consists of commercial manufactured feed and heavily dosed with vaccines, anti-biotics and other medicines for their lifetime, 45 days.

Free-range chicken, by contrast, are allowed to roam outdoors, feeding on organic grains, ensuring their mental and physical well-being. MCC-FreeRange adheres to international guidelines of free-range chicken farming regarding the required indoor and outdoor space per bird.

-Who benefits from this?

The end product is a healthier, tastier chicken which will support the education of over 500 students in rural villages of Nepal.

This income generating project is community-driven, involving the students’ parents in the raising of chickens, providing them with an additional income on top of the education that their children receive.

Restaurant owners meet the demand of conscious clientele for ethically farmed food.

Are you a restaurant owner?
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Maya’s Country Chicken will be available in restaurants in Kathmandu and Pokhara soon. Watch this space!

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