Manjil Rana

Born in Nepal
Graduated UWC ( Mahindra United College of India)
Studied at College of Atlantic (U.S)
Founded Maya Universe Academy
Awarded ‘One of the 100 most influential youth of Nepal’
Awarded TEDx @ SOAS London ‘knowledge is power’
10 most influential youth of Nepal (U.S Embassy)

“We embrace social responsibility and creative-mindfulness to educate and inspire our students and their families to build community, gain greater independence, and transform their lives. “

Shin chul Yoon

Born in Korea
Studied at UWC (Mahindra United World College of India)
Studied at Calvin College (U.S)
Founded ‘Maya Universe Academy’
Founded ‘Six Wheel Project’
Awarded 10 most influential social worker at Nepal
Director of ‘Irie I’

Ashis Adhikari

Born in Nepal
Graduated St.Xaviers college
Founded Maya Universe Academy Udaypur Campus

“MUA is running its fourth year here in Udayapur district of Sagarmatha zone. We provide free quality education within the rural communities of Nepal and promote organic farming for sustainability. We would like to provide more opportunities and reach many other communities by addressing the educational, agricultural and social ‘needs’. Support and contribution of local and international communities have been outstanding in establishing our vision and mission. We are looking forward to continue this more effectively in the coming years”

Siddarth Yonjan

Born in Nepal
Founder of Samarthya Nepal
Founded Maya Universe Academy, Pokhari Banjyang campus

“Been struggling with the Maya Revolution from a couple of years now. The most valuable thing in life, my inner satisfaction is immeasurable, as we plant these seeds of educational and economical liberty in our homeland”

Urs Riggenbach

Born in Switzerland
Studied at UWC (Mahindra United World College of India)
Graduated College of Atlatic (U.S)
Project leader at ‘Solar Fire’
currently works at GoSol- developing accessible ways to harness reneable energy